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Working with Julie was the BEST investment in my SANITY that I could have made. I am a working mom of 2, who has NEVER truly purged in my entire adult life. But this has been a particularly difficult year for my family (including losing my mother to Alzheimers), so my house has been terribly neglected for 8+ months, and collected stuff for nearly 8 years. A serious intervention was necessary! I have always resisted because, “I will totally sell this stuff” (yeah, right… that was never going to happen) AND I was too embarrassed for someone to see the true state of my overflowing closets, cabinets and every place I could “hide” stuff from visitors. Julie was AMAZING- EXACTLY what I needed. Never an ounce of judgement (with 30 years of experience, she has seen it all!) We accomplished twice what I expected in my initial 30 hours with her.  It was mind blowing how productive we were together, because she had the coaching, expertise, and focus accountability I needed- while also making it (mostly- ha!) fun! We even fit in my master closet- the biggest project of all. Even after 4 days together, I was embarrassed for her to see my closet which hadn’t been organized in 5 years. I couldn’t really even open the door… But she tackled it like it was nothing.  In all, 5 carloads FULL of donation (which she would take each day- which makes a surprisingly big difference mentally.  It was probably 50 bags worth of stuff) plus probably another 30 bags to trash. She was also great about “upcycling” boxes and other storage solutions that I had handy- no need to spend extra money on fancy organizing “systems”. Now that I have done it, I feel ridiculous for waiting so long and being too embarrassed to bring in a professional. I plan to bring Julie back annually to keep me and my busy family in check! Thanks for giving me back some “peace” in my home and mind, Julie!


I cannot say enough great things about Julie! My husband & I had purchased a new home and spent 3 years remodeling it. We had been in our previous home for 18 years, so we had a ton of stuff. My mom-in-law helped us purge what we didn't want to keep...but we still brought a LOT to our new home. 

I found Julie on Google, sent her a message and she replied quickly. We then set up a consultation at my home. She looked at the rooms where I was going to need help (which was the entire house) and we discussed my expectations. I went with her largest package of 30 hours....but she's probably spent at least 80 hours helping me. I couldn't possibly have done by myself all that she's done. My husband & I call her a miracle-worker!

Julie is prompt, punctual, thorough and helpful with ideas for storage/things to make life easier. She also has a calming presence, which has helped me with the stress that seems to permeate my life! I also appreciate that she gives you a better hourly rate with the more hours you purchase. None of the other companies I looked at does that.

So if you need a great home organizer, hire Julie. You won't regret it!


Julie has literally changed my life as I tend to keep a lot of  stuff and be indecisive. Each time I have moved to a new home or office space, I used Julie because I knew she would get it done right, the type of organization I could manage, the way that works the best for me. She brought me so much peace and created such a beautiful, easy, convenient life for me. I so look forward to her coming to my new home and making it an easy to navigate and organized space for my family. She’s so gifted and non judgmental, and she makes it fun as we organize as a team together. I trust her totally, and told my parents to call her to help them with their estate if anything happened to me


I have literally watched Julie work wonders, both in organizing my home and in conducting an efficient and speedy estate sale when a family member passed suddenly. She managed the estate from a daily lived in, completely full home to doing everything needed to have it emptied and listed for sale within two weeks. Working along with the family to coordinate things they wanted, the donations, items for sale and trash as well as hiring and managing the contractors to complete work needing to be done prior to the house being photographed and listed for sale. She is a miracle worker for sure. Both the estate work was completed and my personal house was finished faster than expected. I can honestly say the estate home looked great and got sold and in my personal home I have so much newfound space opened up. I've managed to keep it that way through her organizational techniques.

My kitchen has never been more functional. She is truly passionate about her work!


I am so appreciative and grateful because Julie is so non judgmental and goes above and beyond. She uses every second. Even when I was so tired she got me to keep pushing. Her prices are reasonable. I love that she leaves the final decisions of what to keep to me but knows how to help me make those decisions. She respects my attachment to my items and doesn't force me to get rid of items before I'm ready. She is also very knowledgeable in different organizational products and what would

work well for each space.


Julie Ann Schueler is simply the best organizer and can do person I ever met. The first job she did for me was helping me organize and develop a plan for the sale and disposition of my Father’s huge estate when he passed away. She was then a leader for another company managing estates large and small. Her support and positive kindness was both timely and priceless to me. Julie is
a whirlwind of energy, creative and sees a way when others can’t to make their home or office better. I have seen firsthand the transformation of homes and lives touched by Julie. I highly recommend her for any project challenging you in your life or space.


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